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The transmission system of your car is the key providing power to your engine to move the wheels of your car. It is also a very complicated system, and issues can arise that can stop your vehicle dead in its tracks. Transmission problems usually get worse the longer they go without repair, which is why regular maintenance on your vehicle's transmission system is the best way to prevent costly future repairs.

At Sheridan Auto Tech in Lakewood, CO, our experienced technicians will effectively and efficiently diagnose the problem and perform any necessary repairs or maintenance, so you can get back on the road knowing your transmission is in top shape.

Detect Transmission Problems Early

If you detect a problem with your transmission, you should bring it in to Sheridan Auto Tech as soon as possible for repair. Transmission problems usually worsen with time, which is why detecting and repairing problems early can help save you money and reduce the time it takes to perform the repair.

Factors that can contribute to transmission damage include:

  • Dramatic fluctuations in weather
  • Stop-and-go traffic
  • Pulling or towing trailers
  • Daily use of your vehicle

All of these factors can lead to your transmission overheating which causes transmission fluid--which is necessary to keep your vehicle's engine in proper working order--to be lost. But it can be difficult for you to know when a problem has arisen with your transmission. Some common signs of transmission problems include:

  • The check engine light turns on. While this could be an indicator of a number of problems, such as issues with the engine or exhaust, it also can be an indicator of problems with your transmission.
  • You’re having trouble shifting into gear. If it feels like your transmission is hesitating when shifting gears or has difficulty switching to park or drive, the transmission likely has a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Strange noises are coming from your car. If you hear whining, humming or other sounds from your transmission or strange noises when you shift gears, it likely indicates a problem with your transmission.
  • Transmission fluid is leaking. If you notice fluid leaking from your car, you may be dealing with a transmission fluid leak. Low fluid can lead to your transmission overheating, so you should get this checked as soon as possible.

If you notice any of these problems, bring your vehicle in to Sheridan Auto Tech in Lakewood, CO, for our skilled technicians to diagnose the problem and talk with you about your repair options.

Routine Transmission Services

Regular maintenance on your vehicle's transmission can help to keep your vehicle working well and avoid potential future repairs. That’s why our experienced auto technicians at Sheridan Auto Tech provide routine transmission services to keep your system well maintained. We’ll check the fluids, filter and other components, making adjustments as needed, or we can perform a full transmission flush, removing all of the old fluid and replacing it with clean fluid.

Get your transmission inspected to prevent future issues by contacting Sheridan Auto Tech today in Lakewood, CO.

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